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What Our Clients are Saying...

Kim is great. She really listens to what you have in mind. When she presents her ideas, she focuses on the homeowner and what they are asking for. She remembers to keep the functionality of furniture and not just aesthetics. I also appreciate that she has a skill for being able to mix high end pieces with big box store pieces, so the look and function is perfection without breaking the budget. I have worked with Kim several times, each project was different, and I asked for a different level of involvement from her each time. She will adjust the scope of the project to meet the homeowner's needs. Kim is a professional that cares about doing a great job and the bonus is that when she is done your place looks beautiful and you have made a new friend.Read More

Kim is fantastic. We had a challenging job of remodeling an entire house and doing the design remotely. Kim quickly learned the style preferences of both me and my wife (they weren’t the same) and brought us ideas that we both loved. Throughout the design and construction, Kim was extraordinary responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t say enough positive things. Thank you Kim for everything!!Read More

It was a pleasure to work with Kim. Right from the first impression, you can see that she is professional and knows what she's doing. When you are about to embark on a huge project that happens inside your house, and will cost you a lot of money, you want to work with someone who is responsible and respectful for your needs and privacy. With Kim Bradshaw of "Color Is Good", we got all of it... she was always on time (or at least making the best efforts), ALWAYS informed us of the progress and all of our questions and concerns were answered in a timely manner. We also used all of Kim's recommended contractors. It might cost a bit more, but the quality of people we ended up working with and the quality of the work we got from it, was unparalleled. Also having all contractors know each other, made the whole project a lot nicer to live with and smoother. At the end we were very happy with the work that was done at our house. We did the entire first floor. You have a lot of options to choose from when doing a remodeling project, I will highly recommend considering "Color Is Good", you are not going to regret it!!!Read More

We hired Kim's company after a recommendation from a friend. I was skeptical but my wife wanted to spend the money to do the update correctly and not end up with a bunch of mismatched furniture and colors which would date quickly. I am glad we did. The colors she chose were perfect. She went through our art which was decades in collecting from all around the world and picked the ones that best represented us, which we loved the most and then had most of them reframed so the picture wall came together. She helped us pick out very good quality side furniture to match a new couch and the room. She redesigned the kitchen and project managed the installation while we were away on holiday. The kitchen now has a single large granite countertop for eating and entertaining. Cooking is now a social event. She put a lot of time not only coming up with a spectacular product but also one that represents us and is useful and practical for us. She negotiated great discounts so all in all her services cost very little in real terms, The cosy was well worth it and will use her again without hesitation.Read More

I went on an extended vacation, and trusted Kim to decorate our family room and my husband’s “man-cave” while we were gone. The rooms came out just amazing! She definitely exceeded our expectations, and we still absolutely love them. Her attention to detail, professionalism, personalization of our décor and choice of furniture was perfect! She even stayed within budget. Since then, she has decorated our living room, dining room, and consulted on our beach house. All came out just beautiful! Great company to work with!Read More