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What Our Clients are Saying...

Kim is one of the best interior designers I have had the privilage to work with. She has a great eye for style and color and is a delight to work with in terms of sharing ideas and concepts. She listens to what you want to do and offers great suggestions and alternatives that I never would not have thought of myself. She is always responsive and proactive and has a great attitude. She is incredible at staying within a budget and definitely has a flair for the unexpected. I would highly recommend her for her skills, insight and just being a fun person to work with.Read More

Kim is a fantastic designer. She took the time to hear what we wanted to accomplish and did a great job of presenting a plan. As things evolved, we made appropriate modifications and we could not be happier with the final result. It was also appreciated that she worked within our budget. I learned a lot through the design process and she left me with enough knowledge that I feel like I can made tweaks or modifications and feel confident as to what will work in the space. We found her to be extremely accessible and timely too. Truly could not have found a better designer.Read More

I have known Kim Bradshaw for over 20 years but had not worked together in the capacity of her company, “Color Is Good”, until our kitchen remodel in 2021. Kim has years of experience working with local tradespeople and not only matches the right company for your remodel but passes on her trades discounts to you as well. 2021 the year of labor shortages, supply chain issues, and long wait times… between the trades people and my husband and I, Kim kept communication lines open letting us know what to expect. If a SNAFU arose, Kim intervened to help for the best possible outcome. My husband and I highly recommend Kim Bradshaw of Color Is Good, Inc. for your next remodel project! Laurel Bagby Jonathan HarshawRead More

We hired Kim for the redesign of our entire kitchen. Kim came highly recommended as I needed help with design and color that would work with our open layout and existing woodwork throughout our home. We were unsure of the look we wanted and Kim was wonderful at helping us narrow our focus and pick combinations that we loved. Great vision and creative ideas! She brings so much to the design conversation and gets into how you use the space. I will say, another important element of Kim's work is her working relationship with reputable and professional vendors which made this project seamless. So happy we put our trust in Kim!Read More

Kim is great. She really listens to what you have in mind. When she presents her ideas, she focuses on the homeowner and what they are asking for. She remembers to keep the functionality of furniture and not just aesthetics. I also appreciate that she has a skill for being able to mix high end pieces with big box store pieces, so the look and function is perfection without breaking the budget. I have worked with Kim several times, each project was different, and I asked for a different level of involvement from her each time. She will adjust the scope of the project to meet the homeowner's needs. Kim is a professional that cares about doing a great job and the bonus is that when she is done your place looks beautiful and you have made a new friend.Read More

Kim is fantastic. We had a challenging job of remodeling an entire house and doing the design remotely. Kim quickly learned the style preferences of both me and my wife (they weren’t the same) and brought us ideas that we both loved. Throughout the design and construction, Kim was extraordinary responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t say enough positive things. Thank you Kim for everything!!Read More

It was a pleasure to work with Kim. Right from the first impression, you can see that she is professional and knows what she's doing. When you are about to embark on a huge project that happens inside your house, and will cost you a lot of money, you want to work with someone who is responsible and respectful for your needs and privacy. With Kim Bradshaw of "Color Is Good", we got all of it... she was always on time (or at least making the best efforts), ALWAYS informed us of the progress and all of our questions and concerns were answered in a timely manner. We also used all of Kim's recommended contractors. It might cost a bit more, but the quality of people we ended up working with and the quality of the work we got from it, was unparalleled. Also having all contractors know each other, made the whole project a lot nicer to live with and smoother. At the end we were very happy with the work that was done at our house. We did the entire first floor. You have a lot of options to choose from when doing a remodeling project, I will highly recommend considering "Color Is Good", you are not going to regret it!!!Read More

We hired Kim's company after a recommendation from a friend. I was skeptical but my wife wanted to spend the money to do the update correctly and not end up with a bunch of mismatched furniture and colors which would date quickly. I am glad we did. The colors she chose were perfect. She went through our art which was decades in collecting from all around the world and picked the ones that best represented us, which we loved the most and then had most of them reframed so the picture wall came together. She helped us pick out very good quality side furniture to match a new couch and the room. She redesigned the kitchen and project managed the installation while we were away on holiday. The kitchen now has a single large granite countertop for eating and entertaining. Cooking is now a social event. She put a lot of time not only coming up with a spectacular product but also one that represents us and is useful and practical for us. She negotiated great discounts so all in all her services cost very little in real terms, The cosy was well worth it and will use her again without hesitation.Read More

I went on an extended vacation, and trusted Kim to decorate our family room and my husband’s “man-cave” while we were gone. The rooms came out just amazing! She definitely exceeded our expectations, and we still absolutely love them. Her attention to detail, professionalism, personalization of our décor and choice of furniture was perfect! She even stayed within budget. Since then, she has decorated our living room, dining room, and consulted on our beach house. All came out just beautiful! Great company to work with!Read More

We have had Kim and Dwight help us with multiple projects including a major renovation of our main living space. Their adherence to detail and to maintaining an overall concept has resulted in improved functionality of our home and truly beautiful spaces. They are careful not to impose their own ideas but really listen to the needs and understanding the tastes of their clients. When people walk in our 18-year-old home they are amazed at how updated and attractive it is. We couldn't be happier with their work! We would (and do!) recommend them often!Read More

Towards the end of my basement remodel I had the pleasure of getting Kim's name from a friend of mine and I am eternally grateful for my good luck! After our first meeting Kim went to work creating a design for the basement. When we met about 2 weeks later she had detailed design plans including a 3D presentation, samples of furniture, art work, and color pallette. In addition, she understood our budget and was able to meet our needs without sacrificing style. At the big reveal I was speechless! Kim had nailed our vision and exceeded our expectations. I enthusiastically recommend her without any reservations.Read More

I hired Kim Bradshaw of Color is Good, inc to help me decorate the main floor of my home. Kim offers design and shopping services either a la carte or as a package that includes design, color selection, shopping, and installation of furniture, window coverings, and all decorative accessories. I chose the full package for the main room, and some a la carte work for the other rooms on this floor. Kim did a thorough evaluation of my space, gathering measurements and photos. She interviewed me to find out what I was looking for in terms of room function, style, and budget, and looked over everything I already had to work with. In a few weeks, she proposed a complete design including furniture purchases and color selections. She then actively worked with me through the process of deciding, and fine tuning the details. My husband and I did our own shopping using her proposal as a basis, and in almost every case we wound up with her original proposals. They were so spot-on with our needs and were also the best values. Kim has a thorough knowledge of what is available out there and the right price to pay. Kim was right there through the entire process of ordering furniture, advising me on hiring contractors for painting, having curtains made, installing everything, and finally shopping and placing the little items like candles, lamps, picture frames, etc. I found Kim to be very personable and easy to work with. She is professional, but also very friendly and easygoing. She has a passion for design and decorating. She is prompt and made good use of our time together. Kim understands quality and has great taste. But, she is also thrifty, and knows where to spend more, and where to spend less. She saved a lot of money for me by pointing me to better values, and also by eliminating mistakes of buying things that did not fit into the bigger picture, as I had done many times before using her service. In the end, I have a beautiful, well put together, and functional main floor of my home. I could not have done this without her service, and I would not have finished it without her gentle supervision. At first it sounded like a lot of money, but now that it is complete, and I have experienced the process, I think her services are a tremendous value. After completing the interior, I hired her to help me choose exterior paint colors before repainting the outside of the house. I have also used her for a few minor projects since this initial one, such as selecting window coverings for the basement, and a quick color & drapery makeover of my bedroom to make it look more finished. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone.Read More

Kim and Dwight introduced us to bold contemporary interior colors and products that moved us "outside the box". For example, they proposed an exciting fireplace revision that transformed the living area. They collaborated well with us. The finished results capture who we are and how we live.Read More

The finished product is a big part of our story. We had Color Is Good help us design and remodel our kitchen. Shortly after we were finished, we had friends and family who are familiar with our home over for a party. They were amazed at how "warm" and colorful the kitchen is now, how up-to-date it is, and how much larger it looks. We are in total agreement and find ourselves spending more time in our kitchen now to sit and talk, work on our computers, and more. The rest of the story is how attentive to details and to our goals Kim and Dwight were. They came and talked to us about what we wanted to accomplish and then came back with great ideas and price estimates that we discussed. They then oversaw finding the sub-contractors, locating furniture and other accessories, and getting the workers in at the right times - really everything - which is exactly what we wanted. At any step along the way if we were concerned about any detail or process, they were there to answer our questions. At the end, they met with us to make sure the finished product was exactly what we wanted. We would highly recommend Color is Good for their creative ideas but also for their attentive follow through.Read More

We were so lucky to have found Kim and Dwight of Color is Good. It was the first time we ever hired a designer when we had remodeling done and we are just thrilled that we didn't try to wing it on our own! Other than their honest, kind, caring and professional nature the thing that thrilled me the most was that somehow Kim figured me out instantly. From our interview and initial project discussion in our home she somehow knew things about our preferences for style, colors, textures etc. that I didn't even know myself. We opted to renovate the entire first floor and the family room was our main focal point. This creative design team did a 3D design and presented us with a detailed list of items and estimated costs for every piece of furniture, area rugs, etc. that were included in the design. Everything from flooring to paint colors to rugs to furniture, artwork, fans and lamps were included in this design so we had a very good idea of what the finished product would look like and how much it would cost. It really relieves stress to have a plan to follow and take that leap of faith with excellent designers to guide you are the plan comes to fruition. Every single element of this design was hand-picked for our tastes and functional needs and the first floor is now beautiful and nicely coordinated. Kim has a great style that matches well with what I like. I learned so much from her about places to shop for furniture, rugs, and accessories and lighting. I didn't do the shopping--Kim and Dwight did, but there are great places out there I didn't even know about. One very important thing with this team is their communication. They are always in touch on a regular basis from the first consultation until the last curtain or art piece is hung (which, by the way, they do for you). When contractors are doing work such as tile or flooring installation they check in often to see that things are going according to the plan. They do all of the ordering of tile, flooring, curtains, furniture etc. (and with a company discount applied) so you don't need to handle all of that. They are always on time, and they do what they say they will do. It was so nice once the project was nearly complete to have them hanging the curtain rods and panels, the art work, and shopping and placing a few accessories that make the place look finished. They also use technology, which is important to us. From the 3D design to the laser-level they use to get your curtains or artwork just perfect to the communication that works best for their client whether it be phone call, text message or email. We will definitely hire them again and recommend them to others. The experience was 100% positive and we couldn't be happier with the results. Having said all this I realize that we had a major large project for them, but I would be just as likely to recommend and hire them for smaller scale things like choosing new paint colors and accessories for a single room, or anything on any scale that will make your home look better. They are very budget minded and won't try to do more than your budget allows and they are very good at proposing alternate furniture or products at different price points so you can get a new look on your desired budget.Read More

Color is Good did a fabulous job on our living room remodel. They work with the best contractors and are very warm, kind, and professional. We love our new living room!Read More

My husband and I hired Color is Good, inc. (Kim & Dwight) to take on the project of planning for and decorating our brand new condominium. Since we were living overseas, we communicated with Kim & Dwight via Skype and email over the course of about 6 weeks. During this time, Kim & Dwight were amazing! We were so confident in our decision to use them right from the start. They demonstrated that they were extremely knowledgable about design, very well connected in terms of vendors and merchants, extremely thorough in all that they did (from design plans, to communication, to consideration of even the smallest of details, to full implementation of the plans). Combined, Kim & Dwight have a very impressive combination of skills in addition to having excellent communication skills and a genuine warmth about both of them. It was incredibly easy for us to communicate and work with Kim & Dwight on what our vision for our new space was. When we finally arrived in country and saw our place fully decorated, we could not have been more thrilled with every aspect of their work! They surpassed our expectations in getting it right’ in regards to our taste and our family’s needs. Together we used as a resource that served our work with Color is Good so well. We give Kim & Dwight the highest of recommendations! Lastly, we will say that the cost of their work was so reasonable and we felt at the end of the project that we had gotten far more value for our money than we had ever anticipated. We will certainly only continue to use Color is Good for any other design projects we have in the future!Read More

We have used Kim and Dwight two times. Initially, they helped up pick wall colors to brighten up our builder-basic color. We are still very pleased with the suggestions they made. Several years later, we had them help us with a living room remodel. All I can say is WOW. We are so pleased with the results. They listened to our needs and paid very close attention to our budget. They also put everything together and arranged all the furniture, so all we had to do was walk in and sit down. We feel like we have a new room that suits our needs perfectly. We plan to have them help us with a kitchen update down the road. Would highly recommend!!Read More

You could not ask for more delightful and honest people to work with than Kim and Dwight of Color Is Good. We have used them to decorate our entire home! We started with our family room and headed to the kitchen and then to bedrooms and bathrooms. Our latest remodel was our Theater Room/Game room. Their attention to detail and customer satisfaction is second to none! What a perfect team they make, Kim has the unique decorating and personal skills and Dwight is there to handle any and all installations if needed! I would not hesitate to recommend them for any job you may have. You won't be disappointed!Read More

Kim is amazing to work with! She has helped us with many projects in our home and is such a wonderful resource! She knows how to bring out the best in a home. Super professional, kind, organized and a great communicator! Looking forward to working together again on another project!Read More